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muHive helps brands solve the problem of real time customer engagement on all contemporary channels on the web (social media, email, websites) with a
simple to use, controlled automation framework.

  • Great business relationships are built on productive conversations. Manage your interactions with the right set of tools.
  • muHive automation capabilities keep you in control of your engagement even when you are not around personally!
  • Brings real-time notifications and intuitive filtering to keep you up-to-date and consistent in your interactions across channels
  • muHive helps you enrich your social contacts and organize them into micro-communities to deliver value to every customer.
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Latest insights

Do's and don'ts of Social media automation

Automation is by far one of the most widely discussed and possibly the most divisive of subjects with some camps strongly in favor of it and a fairly large number against it. While the latter argue about the dilution of quality that automation might bring in customer interactions (read spam), the former opine that only controlled automation can bring quality to the increasingly large number of social media interactions.